Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Run 824 July 29 is in Taman Bukit Hatatmas Cheras - 5.00pm

RLC Harriers Run 824
Hares : Tan See Meng & Pauline
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
Weather : Dry weather with intermitten sprinkling of rain

The reputation of Tan See Meng using Alpha mates to set his run
preceded him and everybody was expecting a killer of a run, given the
5pm start on a public holiday. This was further corroborated when he
announced two SCB (short cut bastard) runs where hashers could opt out
from the main run.

We were quite happy to see two familiar faces returning to the fold;
Dr Kosong, taking Hari Raya leave from his teaching post in Ipoh and 
Gerrit (Denhartog aka Count Dracula), our Dutchman taking a respite
from some arduous tasks in the Congo.

So we set off on the familiar climb up the Bukit Hatamas hill and it
was just as tough as usual with unrelenting steep gradients all the
way. Then came the first SCB1 and some took it and returned within 30
minutes. A little further up the hill, SCB2 came to view and a few
more dropped off, returning to base around 45 minutes. 

The rest of the field (about 30 left) bravely went up and what a
surprise ... it was just another short 15 minute loop coming back to
SCB2 and home. Mike Kuan FROP made it on the hour and the run was
certainly not the killer run it was feared to be.

In the meantime, Wendy Lum and CCGoh (reputedly with a combined IQ
below 40) went round and round the loop and did not return until about

Pauline certainly over-catered, providing all manners of edible
goodies for the returning runners. A lot of legs were pulled at the
Circle and it was fun fun fun until the running out of beer and hunger
drove us to the appointed restaurant for a meal which was certainly
more substantial than the fried egg and sardine we had the last time.

The hares had laid on whisky galore, Guinness Stout and other thirst
quenchers. So we feasted and drank through the night. For those who
did not make the run, wish you were here. You missed a lovely run, a
fun-filled Circle and a great feast.

Uncle Yap

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