Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Run 892 Nov 17 is in Bangsar Sri Penaga Condo

RLC Harriers Run #892 Tuesday 17 November 2015
Run Site : Vicinity of Bangsar Condoland
Hares : Jim Poh aka Extra Virgin & Dato' Professor John Anthony Xavier
Weather : Rain before, during & after run (totally & miserably wet)

It was a dark and stormy night .........
... and as we walked towards the first piece of paper, we found the
experience somewhat eerie and surreal. But, as hard-core hashers, we
persevered and soon we were walking/running some serious slopes, all
on paved roads. After that free drink the week before, CCGoh even
allowed Uncle Yap to reach check #1 first. That was broken when he
climbed the overhead bridge across a busy road.

We ran/walked through many paved roads and lanes that made up what is
known as Bangsar. Nothing spectacular as we hammered on with the run.
Several checks tried to delay us but we broke them easliy. Apparently
the hares had tried twice, but alas in vain, to give us a run in Taman
Seputeh around Thean Hou Temple ... but development has blocked off
several trails and they could not bash through a decent route; hence
the make-shift drive-by run in the concrete jungle called Bangsar. 

The FROP Quiksilver Fox (who else?) came in just after 75 minutes when
it was already gloomily dark, followed by the usual suspects, S**T
Stirrer Arthur Hoi, Mighty Mouse Lilian & Rule #1 Wendy Lum. The
others came trickling in and the drizzle refused to let off.

It was a time for giving when Extra Virgin gave each runner a Rotary
T-shirt and Aru, some Carlsberg gimme's. In spite of the overcast
weather, our Hashers were not dispirited as we tucked heartily into
the finger food and drank lustily of what Aru dispensed, the golden
elixir also known as beer. The Circle was conducted with people
holding umbrellas and wearing raincoats but that did not stem the flow
of ridiculous charges that make circles such frivolous fun & frolics.

We then walked to Chez Steven Khoo, an eatery on the groundfloor of a
condominium nearby. There she was, our young Tai Kar Cheh (big sister)
aka Vivian Thong bearing a bottle of the best single malt,
GlenMorangie, (what else?) . We greedily ate whatever good nosh that
May (definitely Steven's better half) had to offer.

The GlenMorangie was soon finished and a bottle of Chivas Regal
appeared, much to the delight of the hashers who soon felt very
spiritual ... 

... and whatever the gloom and doom outside, whenever Hashers got
together, it would always be fun, fun & more fun. On! On!

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