Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Run 891 Nov 10 is in Kampong Batu Tiga Puloh

RLC Harriers Run #891 Tuesday 10 November 2015
Run Site : Somewhere in Selangor some 500m after 162 milestone to Ipoh
Hares : Buta Buta GM Woon & Jenny
Weather : Fine weather but always threatening to rain 

Deepavali dawned bright and clear and we all went to our open houses
and then it was time to get to Buta Buta GM Woon's run-site. The
directions were very very clear ... after the stone Ipoh 162, slow
down and drive left to an empty lot, made very soggy by recent rain.

Before we could even run off, the hares (hired or otherwise) were
back, saying they laid a quiet and slow run shorter than 7 km. Like
suckers, we all ran off into the abandoned rubber estate (must be
small holdings) 

On and on we ran up a so-called hill which was smaller than the breast
of one of the hares. After that, it was a long slog against miles and
miles between abandoned rubber trees. (what a pity, Malaysians are now
so well-positioned that they can afford to leave rubber trees in their
prime untapped) ...

... and so we ran between the rubber trees and soon it was another
check after the previous check and the flat landscape did not make for
excitement except the will to continue running and finish the
Deepavali trail.

We all arrived back at Base Camp, well before dark, since it was a
5.00pm start. FROP was, as to be expected, Quiksilver Fox in the time
of 68 minutes. We all partook of the numerous finger food including a
duck, courtesy of our Wong Fook Loy aka Duck King .... 

... and then the fun began. At the Circle, people were punished for
helping other runners. People were also punished for NOT helping
others. Some were rewarded for overtaking. Others were punished for
urinating in the open. Our Bomoh celebrated his transient freedom and
"talked big" in the absence of Boss who was away in Singapore visiting
the grandchildren. Alka let the bastards swing and bemoaned the fact
that she was wrenched away by Tarzan from her family Dwali dinner.

In spite of the small number (about 30 hard-core hashers) we finished
the barrel and in view of the auspicious occasion of Dwali, Aru, our
beerman, was invited to join us at the restaurant and given a
whip-round angpow for sacrificing his holiday to serve us beer.

The hares have laid on a sumptuous 4-table spread accompanied by two
bottles of GlenMorangie Lasanta and some bottles of red wine. Most
generous and well appreciated ... and we drank and made merry well
into the night ...

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