Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Run 885 Sep 29 is in Bkt Sg Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)

  • Run 885 is by Peter Leong and Steven Yong
  • September 29, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Sungai Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)
RLC Harriers Run #885 29 September2015
Run Site : Carpark behind OCBC, Cheras
Hares : Peter Leong & Steven Yong
Weather : Fine weather with a tinge of haze interrupted by downpour
from 6.30 to 7.30pm

By hook or by crook, we followed the faulty instructions to get to the
run-site and only due to the prominence of OCBC facing a main road,
most of us got there in time. Some complained of going round and round
some industrial lots of warehouses and factories while other bemoaned
the absence of signs leading to a new run-site.

We found another chapter (CHHHH) running the same site; however, they
used pieces of paper printed in red while we used recycled paper. At
exactly 6, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed his horn and off we went
across the road and up a hill. The trail meandered up the steep
incline, with gradients of up to 60 degrees at places. The checks were
quite easily broken and then came the junction which pointed right for
a shorter route home.

The more adventurous ones went up straight for an additional loop
before starting the descend, joining the short-route runners on to a
housing estate and then a road run back to site. In the meantime, rain
came pouring down in buckets and most of us were drenched. Somehow,
this was quite welcomed as the rain washed away some of the suspended
particles (collectively called the Haze) and the dirt off our bodies.

For the record, FROP was Quiksilver Fox at 54 minutes 13 seconds
(%$!# erm say yet sang - won't die but grow and prosper) followed by
CCGoh, Tambi Chai, Bugs Bunny while Vivien Hoi was FROP for the
shorter run.

There were fewer than 30 runners. It transpired that many Harriers had
just returned from an overseas trip to Hanoi; hence the absence of
Dato Alen Tan, Dato Steven Oon, Rule Number One among others. But the
hardier hashers like Quiksilver Fox, Thambi Chai and CCGoh came
straight from airport to run-site. Such dedication to hashing was
rewarded by a free glass of beer.

As we gathered for the Circle, the rain tapered to a halt and we
partook of the congenial company, the beer and the finger food.
As usual, the banters, the teasing and the so-called punishment of a
glass of beer contributed to an evening well-spent; after which we
convoyed to a restaurant where we shared some delicious food, washed
down by three bottles of spirits plus many others of wine ...

... and we partied well into the night. C'est la vie

Footnote : Ooops, wrote this on Tuesday night but forgot to press
"send"  blur lah !! Never mind, better late than never

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