Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Run 882 Sep 8 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 882 is by Lee Bulchand and Jai Belani
  • September 8, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Hares Lee Burchard and Jai Balani
Runtime: Rlc
Weather: cool after rain overcast skies with haze

The second inrun of the month saw the usual group congregating at the hash corner and ready to go despite the annual  haze that had descended upon the Klang Valley yet again. Fortunately rain had cooled the weather somewhat thus ensuring that at least two thirds of the pack finished the run.

The run took us across to Jln Parlimen and up again to the jungle behind Tugu Negara into the old Tayar trail and then across the road to Mahameru. Then it lead to the road to Kenny Hills and came home via  the pandan Hill. Note that this information is second hand as I once again did an UY and SC home earlier.

Once showered we adjourned to the temporary hash circle at Pavilion where the ambiance was definitely an improvement from the Gazebo currently under renovation. Indeed we had high chairs and tables to sit on with staff to serve tidbits provided by the hares as the circle commenced.

The Gm started the circle with the usual hares on down and most importantly the introduction of a new member Katherine Chang who was sworn in by Burns. Seems she has higher IQ than the usual as she managed to follow instructions correctly and is thus deemed suitable for hashing.

After announcements the Bomoh then took over and charged the usual suspects amongst them  Steven Yong for not wearing hash attire yet again, two dumber than normal hashers who did an ultrarun recently and Bala for his nonsensical ramblings. Jai Balani was as usual up to his hijinks by commenting on all and sundry.

After the raucous circle we adjourned to the Bunga Raya for a feast. Loved the fried noodles but the assam fish was huge. Growing boy Peter did justice to it as he walloped two bowls of rice with it. Drinks as usual were aplenty and Wendy supplemented with her agar. Thanks Hares for a great fun do and interesting run to boot.

Lilian Wong

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