Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Run 884 Sep 22 is in TTDI (Bangunan Bakti)

RLC Harriers Run #884 22 September2015
Run Site : Rumah BAKTI, TTDI
Hares : Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Weather : Fine weather ; no haze since the return of UY

As we gathered at the familiar spot next to Rumah Bakti, there were
lots of ooh's and aah's between hashers meeting one another again
after another week. Buta Buta GM asked "Where's my horn?" and when he
found it next to his manhood, the run started up the familiar path

Somehow, after the first five runners who stumbled upon the first
check, the rest seemed to know where the trail would continued. On we
went up the hill under the shade of the tropical trees until we came
upon the second check and there we were stuck until our heroine (who
else by Rule #1 aka Wendy Lum) found the connecting paper. 

It was fun running under the shade and then the 3rd check appeared
half-way up a hill. Only Boss and UY bothered to climb up all the way
to the road and there we saw the homeward trail ... lucky bastards eh?
Of course, we were first altho Jennifer expected her husband to
overtake her any time.

FROP was , of course, who else but Quiksilver Fox at a time of 58
minutes followed by the usual gang of CCGoh, Rule #1, KFC aka Tambi
Chai and surprise surprise Dato Allen Tan who has improved so
tremendously that he is now in the first quartile. The rest came in
not so soon afterwards, all with praises for a run well laid.

The Circle was predictably a lot of fun fun fun. Burns won the
inaugural Professor Henry Higgings Award for subjecting his wife, Siti
to a continuous series of duties, fetching him his drinks, his snacks,
etc while he sat on his fat bum. Kiasu Health Freak aka Allen Tan came
prepared with face mask for the run. Alas, the beer soon ran out and
all charges had to be postponed to next week

At the restaurant in Uptown, we all tucked in with voracious appetite
and three bottles of spirits made their appearance. Now, who says that
Hashers are not a spiritual lot? 

We ate and drank and once again I ask people who are reading this and
who were not there tonight, "What the hell are you doing away from our
weekly run?" "Come back, all is forgiven"

Until next week, I really missed our hash during my sojourn in London
(too bloody cold)

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