Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Run 883 Sep 15 is at the new Gasing car park

  • Run 883 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • September 15, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • New Gasing Car Park on Jalan Tanjong 5/4
Hares: David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite: Gasing Carpark
Weather: Hazy but cool

This year's haze is  one of worst in a few years with Api index exceeding 150. Thus it was with trepidation that we congregated at the Gasing Carpark. Afterward the run must go on...

We arrived just in time to see Boss aka Jennifer arriving at the back of a Superbike complete with helmet. GohCC was the proud owner who had the ladies eating out of his hand asking for a spin. Next up was Auntie Margaret and Wendy!

JM Steven started the run, GM was conspicuously absent due to the haze, with a warning that anyone not staying on paper and getting lost would have to wait till after 10 pm for the search party to go in. We started the run with aplomb up right to the Indian Temple where a check caught the FROPS but the trail was called back down the hill where we had to tread carefully. Back on familiar grounds and up another hill  to  Pantai Park and thereon over the monstrous hanging bridge and up Chempedak Hill. Then it was a home run with right going long and left being the short cut. Though  the haze was bad at least it was manageable in inside of Gasing. Nonetheless most got back within half hour of each other but wait..where was Dr Yap, Cecelia and Bob!

Fortunately they arrived just as it was getting dark. Another surprise was the Gm and wife making an appearance just as the circle was about to start.

The Circle was another riotous affair with numerous charges:
Red Shirts gathering, Sole Bersih rep in the form of Catherine Chang, sinners not wearing hash tees, EV showing off his moobs, GohCC and his Biker chicks, Sole guest of David Liew who went orgasmic during the run, etc etc...till the beer was at long last finished. We then made a beeline to Kamkee Restaurant at Sec 5 for the on down where the hares had generously provided Royal Salute, Highland Park Single Malt and red wine. The food was delicious esp the garoupa and prawns and finished off with Hokkien Mee. Thank you hares for a great do. Glad to get some workout even with the haze which thankfully got better as the evening progressed.

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