Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Run 878 Aug 11 is in Kemensah Heights

  • Run 878 is by Dr Paul Lim and Sammy
  • August 11, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Tropika Kemensah
RLC Harriers Run #878 11 August 2015
Run Site : Tropika Kemensah, near Zoo Negara
Hares : Dr Paul Lim and Sammy
Weather : Fine weather preceded by some horrible wet storm

The day had dawned seemingly normal but the Weather God (usually very
friendly to Hashers) acted a tad erratic. Shortly after midday, it
rained cats and dogs at most places in KL. Flash floods occurred
everywhere and pockets of traffic jams were the results, causing most
of us long delays reaching the run-site behind Zoo Negara.

We ran off at six up into a long road (actually a trail still passable
to any 4 by 4 vehicles) that seemed to ascend for ever and ever. We
traversed pools of water until we reached some kind of peak, after
which it was downhill (phew!). 

Then, it was up again through some tropical jungle. The hares had cut
a lot of vegetation so it was not difficult to keep to the intended
route. Eventually, we reached the top and we came down and meandered
our way home ... what a welcome sight to see the beer man (not Aru who
is on a month's holiday). Mike Kuan was FROP at 63 minutes, followed
by the usual suspects (Arthur, China Thambi, CCGoh, Steven Oon &
Steven Yong). Vivien Hoi was not far behind and one by one, the rest
trickled in.

The Circle introduced us to Paul Lim's family, wife Ruby Tuesday and a
pair of strapping manhood, two fine twin gentlemen. As usual, many
charges here, there and everywhere.

We had expected a small crowd due to the weather but that small crowd
was the hard-core and we finished the barrel in good time before
heading for the appointed restaurant where we tucked into some good
food and a bottle of Macallan ...

... and so we drank into the night which turned balmy and gentle 

See you next week

p/s UY and Alice will be travelling to London to see their
grandchildren for the next 4/5 weeks and Mighty Mouse aka Lilian Wee
has agreed to take over the scribing duties.

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