Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Run 879 Aug 18 is in Tmn Sri Bintang Kepong

RLC Harriers Run #879 18 August 2015
Run Site : Taman Seri Bukit BIntang/ Taman Seri Sinar/
Kepong-Bandar Manjalara
Hares : Cina Tambi & One Foot Long
Weather : Pre-Run: Overcast and humid and Heavy rain at sharp 6.
Run proper conditions was wet but cool in intermittent rain.
Circle: cool but dry.

The skies threatened to open up even as we made our way to the run site. Many of the usual suspects were there already including (surprise, surprise) Bee Koh and Bee Soh. However, as it started pelting even before the run commenced, they surreptitiously drove off! as is hash tradition, the run must go on, come sun, rain, snow, etc...with the horny On Cash leading in the absence of the GM and Unc Yap.
The trail started on the usual track but led straight up left where the first check near the big rock boulder stopped everyone short. On On was called back down but up left again, this time taking us to the famed 'Grand Canyons' of Bukit Sri Bintang, where we had to step delicately due to the slippery wet terrain. Another check at the top had everyone running helter skelter around broken of course by 'pak tou lou' Mikey taking us to the top of the hill and then down to the other 'longkang' hill. (At this juncture, I did an "Uncle Yap' and short cut home, meeting others doing their own short trail  as well ie Bob, Jennifer,  etc). As it turned out, the rest ran up the longkang and up to the pylon hill where a clever check bamboozled everyone except clever Quicksilver who ran home in record time of 1 hour 2 mins.
As we waited for the rest to return, Dato Dr Xavier drove in, proclaiming that he had spent the better part of the hour looking for the elusive Kepong 'Water Tank". As the rest of the pack drifted in, the debate on where, how and who of the run intensified into an 'almost shouting'  match as we partook of tit bits and Yam cake provided by Vivian Hoi.

All were forgotten as the circle commenced, this time under the direction of the On Sec Tarzan and ably assisted by Bomoh Quicksilver Mikey. And what a circle it was, the longest, but then, one of the funniest in a while. Notable on downs:
1. Usual late comers who were early for once: Tarzan & Jane, Steven Yong, Goh CC, David Wee, Steven Oon.
2. Prof Xavier for being unable to get to the run site on time even with three sets of different driving directions (the mystery was cleared when it was revealed that they were sent by a 'non-driver'.).
3. Buta buta Mismanagement committee for (not) performing duties as they were suppose to.
4. Auctioning of stools left behind by Prem and Kumar from last run.
5. Steven Yong for starting the run with his umbrella.
6. Guest Junior Bloodsucker Daniel Hartog who was on a semester break.
Despite directions and convoy to the On Down restaurant, a few 'below 40 IQ' hashers still got lost, notably (again!) Prof Xavier.However, once there, dinner commenced and was a smashing sucess. The food was good, the hares were generous with their bottles of Glen Morangie and Glenlivet, and even supplememted with hokkien mee, hilarious fellowship and topped by Wendy's jelly dessert made it a fun night to remember.

P/S Good Mood Veloo (who came and left when the rain started) : you missed a good run and company. 

PPS: Next week's run is hared by Burns and Siti and will be at The Tanglin food Court, Lake Gardens.
(in absence of scribe UY)
Lilian Wee.

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