Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Run 851 Feb 3 5pm is in Tropika Kemensah, Ulu Kelang

  • Run 851 is by GM Woon and Jenny
  • February 3, 2015 Tuesday 5.00 pm
  • Tropika Kemensah behind Zoo Negara
The instructions were simple ... go to the zoo and follow directions.
We all got there in good time and soon the joint masters, Steven Khoo
and C.K.Leong pressed the horn and got everybody running towards the
new gated community very unimaginatively called the Residence.

The trail led up to an uphill path and went on for a while before
coming down into a jungly bit. Here, there was a delay ... someone
said "too steep, turn back" (later found out to be scaremonger Vivien
Hoi) The rest went on and climbed down paths alongside old rubber

The path was strewn with old Barisan Nasional streamers from the last
general elections ... probably the remnants of exhortations to illegal
immigrants to vote for BN. Around here, a couple was spotted with the
man using a twig of leaves beating the poor wife in front to get her
to move her blooming arse (remember My Fair Lady?). On closer
inspection, it was found that the faithful husband was merely chasing
away mosquitoes from his wife. Alamak, Richard Low, don't lah set such
high standards of spousal care.

Then it was inevitable that we had to climb up and down. Here was a
bamboo forest, filled with dry leaves on the ground and extremely
slippery (as Boss found to her cost when she slipped and injured her
wrist) We meandered our way and soon saw a small settlement and came
upon a divide ... left for the long run and right for the longer run.
Professor Tie was seen loitering around but he was waiting for people
to leave so he could turn left. 

The turn left led to a 400 metre climb up a steep gradient (30 to 60
degree) until we reached the bootcamp of Mount Everest. Since we did
not have the permit to climb Everest, we continued down and came back
within 70 minutes, much to the relief of Alice.

Jenny Woon who sleeps with the main hare, outdid hereself, providing
chee-keok-sheen with hard-boiled eggs and some other delights.

In the meantime, the longer runners went up the same hill but
gradually through jungle paths to rejoin the rest for the final
downhill route. Then it was a long agonising wait for the stragglers
in the form of Chin FK, YabbaYabbaDo and Dr Yap ... they did not come
out until darkness set in around 7.40.

Then the hilarious Circle started. As usual, the irrelevant tried to
be relevant. Charges flew left, right and centre as we observed
immigrant workers do their marketing. CCGoh went round with sunglasses
on ... he looked like someone with conjunctivitis or a blue-film
actor. But he performed a most useful function, filling up beer

Soon it was time to do the long drive to Beng Kee where we tucked in
heartily to some delicious food washed down with a single malt
(courtesy of Chairman Burns) and a Johnnie Walker Green Label
(courtesy of GM Woon). 

As the sun set in Bombay, we RLC Harriers felt on top of the world ...
an excellent run on a public holiday, lovely cold beer, delicious food
and fantastic company ... who could ask for more?
C'est la vie (That's life)

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