Sunday, 15 February 2015

Run 853 Feb 17 is in Bukit Gasing PJ

Run No 853
Hares : Tarzan & Alka
Run-site : Vicinity of Bukit Gasing
Weather : Warm & Dry

It has been a good couple of years since we last visited the dream
house of Shyam and Alka and nothing has changed much. It is still a
work-in-progress. But, it looks very promising.

GM Woon pressed his new sexy roti-horn and off we ran down to the
road, passed the playground and entered the Nature Reserve. The trail
turned right up a hill and it was continuous climbing until Check #1
which was broken quite easily to the left and to the reservoir. This
path led to some more climbing until another check which led to the
abandoned temple.

Then it was down a long staircase which also serves as a drain.
Thereafter, the hares toyed with us, making us go up and down
different facets of the same hill, punctuated with no fewer than nine
checks in total. In between, we got to see a panaromic view of Old
Klang Road. 

Towards the end, the trail led down to a stream and there was a pink
notice advising short runners to keep to the left and go home via the
same entrance in. The tall runners climbed another hill before the
path leading to the playground. Then it was a final climb up to
Shyam's house. By this time, all were exhausted and would have
appreciated an escalator (like they have in Hong Kong). For the
record, Playboy Choo was FROP at 75 minutes, followed by Arthur Hoi.

The swimming pool was so inviting that many came back and jumped
straight in. There was also a shallow part where one could drink beer
and keep cool. Excellent way to end a run. 

The circle was, as usual, a rip-roaring affair of nonsense and fun.
Soon the beer ran out and we motored our way to Restoranti Italia
(moved from the old place at Thrifty's) located beside Hussein Onn Eye
Hospital in Jalan Utara. The hares have very generously provided some
more liquid refreshment including a bottle of Glen Morangie and a
GlenLivet single malt. We tucked in heartily into the Italian fare and
continued to have a jolly good time.

Next run will be at the house of Dato' Steven Oon on the sixth day of
CNY. He has very kindly extended the invitation for RLC Harriers to
bring their families.

On! On!

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