Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Run 852 Feb 10 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 852 is by Kumar & Prema
  • February 10, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC
It was a very dry day with temperature reaching the upper 80's. As GM
TYWoon pressed his roti-horn, we all walked down reluctantly in the
blazing heat across Jalan Parliment towards Padang Merbok (where a few
months ago, Anwar Ibrahim was rallying; but alas, today, he is
unjustly condemned to another 5 years in jail by an all-Malay panel
... how come they do not trust a Chinese or an Indian to toe the

The trail led up the hill and then there was a check ... Thambi Chai
found it but he was the only one to run within the marked route while
the rest ran outside on the road. Soon the trail brought us into a
mini-jungle while we enjoyed the coolness under the canopy of verdant
cover. Alas, the coolness had to end and we soon found ourselves near
the reservoir. 

Then, we turned left up towards Legend Hotel. But the hares were kind
and allowed us to veer towards Jalan Tunku (how come they did not
allow our first PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman to keep his official residence
as a remembrance present when they can spend billions to house Dr M
and Razak's son in opulent comfort in Putra Jaya?). We then came
across Belvedere and up a small slope into the old familiar padang
pandan and then up into the road back to the Club.

At the junction, a piece of paper advised SCB (short cut bastards) to
turn left and run home for an early shower. The rest ran on into the
Dragon Trail and then up to the fences around Parliament House, down
Jalan Ledang and then home. It had been a lovely run, quite suitable
for the hot day.

Then came the surprises ;
Mike Kuan, predicted to arrive home in 48 minutes but actually clocked
in at 45 minutes, followed by Playboy Choo; Both of them failed to see
the SCB sign and actually ran the short run. The others, led by Arthur
Hoi, CCGoh and Steven Yong, went into the Dragon Trail, up the
Parliament house fencing, down Jalan Ledang and home in 61 minutes.

The Circle started without the GM (even Burns failed to turn up) but
we had a lot of fun. Then it was to Chez StevenKhoo in Bangsar where
for RM180 per table, we were treated to a sumptious meal with garupa
fish, chicken and other delight ... much much better than the RM12
nasi lemak we had some time ago ... and JM Steven Khoo threw in the
"loh yee san" 

All fair and square ... we had a good run, a better circle and a
lovely dinner ... what more can you ask for?  
A nubile lady to massage you? Dream on

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