Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Run 850 Jan 27 is near Gasing Telekom Tower

  • Run 850 is by David and Lilian Wee
  • January 27, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Gasing Telekom Tower
RLC Harriers Run 850, 27 January 2015
Hares : David & Lilian Wee
Runsite : Pantai Hill near Telekoms Tower
Weather : Raining and drizzling with bits of dry weather in between

The run site is one of my least favourites ... first you run down and
then after a long-winded run all over the forest, you have to climb up
a steep slope to get home. Many times, I have literally crawled up to
the run-site

So, today, I told myself to get the first opportunity to short-cut.

True enough, after a long run through the Indian temple (now abandoned
due to serious erosion that may endanger lives) and then down the path
to the reservoir, we ran down an easy path, only to find ourselves
facing a long upward flight of staircase ... dutifully, we climbed up
the 101 steps and then when we reached the top, it was another
downwards trail in the slippery mud. We then went through another
stretch of jungle and then emerged to a tarmac road.

Here was when Uncle Yap became smart ... right down was to another
series of tortures ... but left up the hill led us (Dracula & I) to
the reservoir and then an easy backward climb to home. We even had the
presence of mind to carry some pieces of wood to feed the campfire
that we started

It was so glorious to come home in bright daylight. Then the FROP,
Mike Kuan, clocked in at 708 (lok leng fatt) followed by Arthur Hoi
and Wendy (who else but Rule Number One?). 

Then we sat in for a long long wait .. one by one the stragglers came
in but when there was no sign of Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret. Bugs
Bunny (not Bugs Bunny, it's Mickey Mouse - Ed) was concerned enough to mount a rescue.

In the meantime, UY kept the fire going

Then the circle started and we had great fun. After a lot of riotous
fun, we adjourned to Helen's place, Kam Kee for our food . UY brought
out his Glem Morangie and GM Woon followed suit with a bottle of Green

The food was good, the drinks were better and the company was best.

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