Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Run 849 Jan 20 is in Pantai Hillpark

  • Run 849 is by Steven Khoo and F K Chin
  • Jan 20, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar South
RLC Harriers Run 849, 20 January 2015
Hares : Steven Khoo & Chin Fook Kee
Runsite : Pantai Hill Park aka Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Dry 

Something is afoot. As we arrived at the familiar place of the Pantai
Valley Community Centre, it was so so difficult to find a parking
space. It transpired that two other chapters were also having runs
here today.

We parked where we could and when the new GM, Woon Then Yew started
the run by pressing the roti-horn , it was downwards toward the trail
that led to the fallen tree and the rest of it. We ran and we ran
upwards towards a hill-top and when we reached the top, it had to be
down and down and soon we saw the route towards the road. We ran along
the tarmac road and then into 5/4J which took us to the suspension

Here was where the hares could have been creative and designated the
right-hand path for the short run and the leftward path across the
suspension bridge as the long run. Alas, with IQ below 40, they didn't
do that and Uncle Yap had to suffer the long route with a final uphill
climb where he was overtaken by Thomas Tan, CKLeong and Lee Buchan.

At long last, we reached the path to home when we saw the tall condo
building (what will happen when the Condo is fully occupied and the
other car of every unit takes the parking space along the road?)

The Circle saw the emergence of Woon as a public speaker ... he needs
practice. Then Uncle Yap took over and punished the small bladders
(yabayabadoo & Dracula) and the other recalcitrants including guests
like the father and mother of Small Fry (aka Big Fish and wife)

In the meantime, the beer ran out. Luckily, due to the foresight of
Col Johan, a crate of Carlsberg was produced (On-Cash, remember to pay
him) and the Circle resumed and many charges (real or imaginary) were

We adjourned to the real Bangsar and to a Condo establishment where
May (aka Mrs Khoo) presented us with an interesting array of food
including fish-head curry and other delightful stuff. We ate and drank
to our hearts' content (two lovely bottles of the best Scotch whisky)

I had a talk with May and she said she will be able to present a
5-table spread for RM140 per table or RM700 for two hares and her food
will be definitely better and more substantial than the RM15 (oops
RM12) nasi lemak served at the RLC.

What a lovely day

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