Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Run 848 Jan 13 is the Hash AGM Run - In run RLC

  • Run 848 is the Hash AGM Run 2015
  • January 13, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • AGM in RLC Ballroom 8pm
RLC Harriers Run 848, 13 January 2015
Hares : Mismanagment represented by Uncle Yap & CC Goh
Runsite : Vicinity of Lake Garden and beyond
Weather : Dry 

It was supposed to be the Hash AGM run and it should be when everyone
is back by 7.00 pm ... however, they asked Uncle Yap to set the run
and as everybody knows, UY never ever follows rules.

The pack started off to the traffic lights to get to the other side.
Then they ran up to the Monument and onto Datin Ann's house where
there was a check. The check was broken when someone stumbled upon
some pieces of paper leading down to a long jungle trail that ended up
at the crossroad where scb (aka Short Cut Bastards and definitely NOT
Standard Chartered Bank) led the short runners back home.

The others turned right and on and on they ran to the empty houses and
the reservoir (barking dogs) and then they came down to a place where
there was a sign that said "Medium, turn right long run , turn left)

The medium runners came to the JKR HQ and back to the Club ... the
long runners has a couple more of KM to run but then as UY predicted,
FROP Mike Kuan got in at exactly 7.01pm

We all bathed and got ready for the hash AGM. GM Col Johan gave a very
good summary of the hashing activities of the past year . Then the
On-Cash, David Wee presented the financial statement. UY was impressed
that the Hash Reserve has moved fro 4 digit to 5 digit and proposed
that the accounts be accepted. This was unanimously accepted. 

Then the election started ... the following were duly elected
Convener ... Woon Then Yew
CK Leong ( then Peter Leong stood up to decline the nominatiom)
Dato Steven Oon
Steven Khoo
Shyam Doshi

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