Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Run 845 Dec 23 is in TTDI

  • Run 845 is by B P Ng & Irene
  • Dec 23, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bangunan Bakti Hasmah TTDI
RLC Harriers Run 845, 23 December 2014 
Hares :Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining & Drizzling the whole day but dry during the run and
circle (see, I told you the Weather God is a hasher)

For the past 20 hours, it had been raining and drizzling in the Klang
Valley; so the roads were wet, traffic was slow and the atmosphere
dampened. But as we gathered at the corner in front of Rumah Bakti,
spirits were high. At two minutes before 6.00pm, Arthur Hoi aka Shit
Stirrer (we really must start using Hash Names like normal hash
chapters) mistaken pressed the horn and started the run.

This is one run where there was not a single person from the 5-man
Harriers committee. No GM, no JM's, no On-Sex, no On-cash. Guess who
will be on-downed the next time we meet?

The trail was quite a familiar one, first up the road before we turned
left into the jungle. Then it was a series of left, right, left, right
before we hit a check. It was a back-check which was quickly
dismantled. Then some road before we went right across the hill where
we saw those monstrous fences protecting the ill-gotten properties of
cronies. The stream that we crossed was just as enchanting. As we
gently made our ways alternately between roads and jungle, the
all-too-familiar homeward stretch beckoned and Mike Kuan came home as
FROP at 48 minutes followed by Steven Yong, our young buck. Most of
the other runners were not too far behind. Indeed a well-planned route
for this time of the year which caused Ann Choo to declare "best run
of the year"

We bathed behind our cars and the Circle, as usual, was a riotous and
hilarious affair with people "punished" for starting the run too
early, for not urinating, being thin on top (no hair like James Bald
Bala) or being exhibitionists like TYWoon bathing with underwear that
left nothing to the imagination. The most photographed 007, a Dato no
less dragged his fello-Dato's for another drink and in spite of the
small number and the damp weather, we finished the whole barrel.

Then it was a short trip Uptown for a sumptuous dinner, complete with
free flow of wine and whisky (Single Malt Glen Morangie, my favourite)
As the French would put it "c'est la vie" (That's life)

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