Sunday, 7 December 2014

Run 843 Dec 9 is in Templer's Park Rawang

  • Run 843 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • December 9, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Templer's Park Rawang
RLC Harriers Run 843, 9 December 2014
Hares : David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite : Templer's Park
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

This part of the world is quite new to RLC Harriers but the
instruction to the run-site was clear. By 6, all the 30 or so
die-hards were assembled and raring to go and off they went up a
gradual incline that stretched all the way to the fringe of a hill.

Then the fun started. The rain earlier had rendered the slope
treacherously slippery. The first few went up steadily without problem
but in so doing they had disturbed whatever purchase there was and
those coming after had to grasp at saplings and other things stuck
into the ground to haul themselves up. The gradient was rather steep,
ranging from 30 degrees to 60. It was a real test of endurance to
reach the top of the hill. Some were seen to be on all fours, crawling
up the steep hill. At long last, we reached the peak.

Then it was downhill all the way and again many hashers slipped and
fell on the precarious slope. Then we heard falling water and lo and
behold, there was a waterfall with water cascading down a pool. It was
so inviting that many must have felt the urge to jump in and rid
themselves of the mud they had collected. Alas, by the time we got
there, it was getting late and knowing how fast it gets dark at this
time of the year, we resisted the temptation.

We walked down the concrete step through the picnic areas and the
monkeys watched as we passed. They seemed rather menacing but no
untowards incident was reported. Soon, we reached the road and back to
our cars. It was an excellent run with FROP Thambi Chai at 48 minutes
and the rest coming in within half an hour.

The Circle, as usual, was another hilarious series of leg-pulling and
fun with Uncle Yap talking like a resident of Calcutta. He explained
why Indians all talk very fast because they have no full stops in
their language. Why? They have used up all their full stops on their
foreheads. Steven Khoo and Bob Yong were hauled up to explain why
their noses are so important that they have to be underlined.

The On-on-on was at Pin Kee, a short distance away but we could only
fill up three tables. Allen, who was away in UK, made his presence
felt when an 18 year-old single malt was brought out. Beautiful stuff
to wash down the spread of good food that followed.

In spite of the smaller number than usual, we all had amusing fun and
went home with great satisfaction.

Next Run : Sunday 14 December - RLC AGM Election Run at the Club
starting off at 7.30am with Peter Leong as live hare. Do come along
for the run and ensure you have a prime parking space on B2 next to
the lifts.

Next Next Run : Tuesday 16 December - Anniversary Celebration Run
themed on 007 James Bond. Please dress to kill.

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