Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Run 815 May 27 is an In Run - RLC - Dress Smart

  • Run 815 is by Kumar and Prema
  • May 27, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart

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  1. Scribe report by Uncle Yap:

    Run report 815
    May 27 2014
    Lake Garden and the vicinity
    Hares : Prema & Prema's Husband
    Weather : Fantastic dry weather the whole evening

    It was a glorious evening, ideal for a hash run. We set off in the
    direction of the National Monument (Tugu Negara) but the paper trail
    led us to the right into some "jungle" which soon became the remains
    of a dumping ground where all manners of rubbish were found.

    The trail led to the familiar opening near Datin Anne's house and
    there was a check. Soon that was found and we were led to the other
    side of the ring road where Jalan Gallagher, etc could be found. On
    that side of the town, the roads and "jungle" intermingled and soon we
    were at the surprise stop where the thirsty runners were hoping for
    beer whereas only water-melon was served.

    After that, it was another ordeal to go through the end of the Dragon
    Trail where it led to the Dato Bandar's house and then the digital
    clock that is faulty most of the time and soon, we were in sight of
    Parliament House and the Club.

    Thank you, Wendy for discovering more "jungle" ... your pioneering
    efforts are appreciated even thought there are people who said it was
    a rubbish trail.

    At the Circle, it was another hilarious affair. Our Japanese guest was
    tortured for Japan's win at the Thomas Cup finals. A couple had their
    L..C... cut off to make chee-cheong-fun. A good time was had by all
    until the power went off. Kumar, the hare and only GC member present
    then was teased about paying LLN bills in a timely manner.

    Then it was to Bunga Raya for a feast and some wonderful 12-year-old
    single malt. BTW, Uncle Yap is what is known as SBNR (spiritual but
    not religious) I am spiritual because of my love for spirits of the
    distilled kind especially those from Scotland.