Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Run 813 May 13 is in Ulu Yam - Public Holiday - 5.00pm

  • Run 813 is by TY Woon and Jenny
  • May 13, 2014 Tuesday 5.00pm (Public Holiday)
  • Ulu Yam
GPS: N03 28.123 E101 41.224, for more details copy and paste the coordinates to the google map.

  1. From BATU CAVES take the B57 Hulu Yam Baharu road (past the Hulu Yam dam and reservoir) to Hulu Yam.
  2. 0 km. In the center of Hulu Yam town take the RIGHT turn onto B113 signposted to Genting Highlands. and reset your trip-meter.
  3. 4.4 km Traffic light, Shell station on Left, turn RIGHT onto B114. Signposted Air Panas Hulu Tamu
  4. 8.0 km At abandoned TNB substation turn RIGHT. Direction sign: Air Panas Hulu Tamu
  5. 8.3 km Cross wooden bridge over river
  6. 8.5 km turn LEFT into parking


  1. Scribe report by Uncle Yap:

    Run report 813
    May 13 2014 Vesak Day
    Hulu Tamu Hot Spring, somewhere in Ulu Yam
    Hares : Woon TY & Jenny
    Weather : Fantastic dry weather the whole evening

    There are very few Tuesdays which fall on a public holiday and this
    time round, we certainly took advantage by having a run at a place
    that we would certainly be unable to come to on a normal Tuesday.

    Mr Woon, assisted by his able side-kick, Rambo chose a runsite next to
    the Hulu Tamu Hot Spring, a place we have only once been before.
    In any case, the direction to the run site was the most controversial
    issue of the day; with people reporting getting lost and/or taking two
    hours to get there.

    For those who got there on time, the run started off into the hilly
    and rural small holdings and plantations where people do not mind how
    much paper was thrown. Thus, the route was certainly well marked and
    quite easy to follow. Up and down a couple of hills and then came
    another controversy ... the hares had promised a long run and a longer
    run but the signs for which were not readily apparent.

    Mike Kuan came in very early (just after the hour mark) followed by
    Wendy Lum but they had, uncharacteristically and unwittingly taken the
    long run. Arthur Hoi (dressed like Superman with his underwear on top)
    came in half an hour later on the longer run, shadowed by Lilian Wee
    (her knee injury having healed miraculously over the weekend)

    Many late-comers like Walking Tall and Pet Pat and Tarzan & Alka
    managed to join in and complete the run. Most of the hashers, on
    completing the run, adjourned to the hot spring next door to soak in
    naturally hot water.

    Dinner was at a restaurant many miles away but the system of following
    people who know the way (indicated by them switching on their hazard
    lights) resulted in nobody getting lost.

    A good run followed by a good dinner ... that's life. On! On!

  2. Interjection by Burns:

    Yap, you forgot to say that the food at Hock Lay, organised by the Banana Woons, was awesome. It took me 2 hours to get to the run site but, after dinner, it seemed more than worth the pusing pusing to look for the run site.

    Bravo to the Banana Woons for having organised a fantastic party.

  3. Bob Yong's two cents' worth:

    This week’s run being on a public holiday (Wesak Day), the hares of RLC Harriers set their run at Hulu Yam Bahru, Batang Kali, Selangor. Though the run-site is approximately 60 kilometres from KL city, it took Chin FK & myself two and a half hours to locate the run-site which was not specifically spelled out in the Run Direction. Had we been informed accurately, we would have no problem in getting there. We planned to stop by Hulu Yam Bahru for the famous ‘raw min’ but had to miss it due to wasted time looking for the run-site. As a matter of fact, the run-site is just next to the popularly known Hulu Yam Tamu Hot Springs. During the 2 and half hours’ drive, we only managed to stop for a brief moment at the Hulu Yam Reservoir. It was truly an effort to being there.

    The ON On arranged by the hares after the circle was good enough to compensate our frustration on the road.

  4. Lilian Wong chips in:

    good write up Unc Yap. Ulu YAm is a lovely place to run but strictly for 5 pm starts. I was jogging/walking/hobbling after our resident pai- kyok- loh but he was way too fast; if I'd caught up, I would have followed him in the normal run loop oso.

    Overall, all those who made the trip were well rewarded with a good run in lovely weather, followed by a more than scrumptious dinner at Hock Lay restaurent anf got to sample Ulu Yam's famous Loh mee and the restaurent's signature dish, Coconut Tom YAp Prawns. Thank you to the HAres!.

  5. On Sec says:

    Thanks Woon for bringing so many guests. It takes 2 or 3 guests every week to break even but your kind act of bringing in so many guests has saved us the whole month of May. Bravo and on on!