Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Run 817 June 10 is in Pantai Hillpark

  • Run 817 is by Mike and Boss
  • June 10, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Pantai Hillpark (Bangsar South)

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  1. Scribe report by Uncle Yap:

    RLC Harriers Run 817
    Hares : Michael Kuan & Boss
    Runsite : Pantai Hill Park, Bangsar Selatan
    Weather : Gorgeous dry weather after the torrential rain in the

    When the hashers gathered rather early for the run, they were told an
    ominous piece of information - two runs, one long and one short,
    set/mastermind by Mother Hashers. Others admired the new four-wheeled
    vehicle of Tambi Chai whose all-terrain wheels alone cost more than
    10K. The blue jungle basher stood handsomely new.

    The trail started off behind the fence on top of the hill and down we
    went a steep slope, only to have to climb up another steep slope. This
    process was repeated three times and then we saw the sign pointing
    long runners to yet another 3 or 4 hills while the short runners soon
    saw, in the skyline, the condo building in progress and home to an
    early shower. FROP 45 minutes by Tim Moey, followed by Uncle Yap two
    minutes later.

    In the meantime, the masochist hashers went off merrily through all
    the seven hills of Romes, including the infamous Telekoms Tower and
    Indian Temple (remember some hashers like May Chang & Raymond
    literally crawling up that slope some years ago and soon after, gave
    up hashing altogether?) The front runners were toying with whom to
    make the FROP, won finally by Playboy Choo in 80 minutes after some
    devious manoeuvring by Arthur Hoi and Lilian Wee.

    The long runner trickled in one by one until Tommy Chin, the JM who
    started off the run was the only one missing. Many anxious minutes
    later, he came back on a RM10 motor-bike ride. Apparently, he had
    strayed off into the wilds of Pantai Dalam.

    The Circle was another hilarious affair with charges and
    counter-charges. Bala was called up for making a sexist remark "Jenny,
    your nuts are delicious" after being given some groundnuts by that
    generous banana lady who also supplied nasi lemak to complement the
    roast duck by Wong Fook Loy and the usual fish cake and oink-oink ear.

    Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant in Padang Merbok ... that site now
    cleared for development but still awaiting approval before any
    construction. Hokkien mee with chee-yow-char and watt tan yinyong
    kway-teow beehoon fed the hungry multitude, followed by other dishes
    washed down with Glen Morangie, Guinness Stout, wine and other drinks.

    The four tables had a jolly good time and wished more could be here.