Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Run 812 May 6 is am In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 812 is by Richard and Janet Low
  • May 6, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC Gazebo - dress smart

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  1. Scribe report by Uncle Yap:

    Run report 812 6 May 2014
    Lake Garden
    Hares : Richard & Janet Low
    Weather : Threatening to rain all evening

    At this time of the year, rain threatens every evening but the Weather
    God is oft-time rather kind to RLC Harriers and held off the rain.

    The run started predictably with the trail leading into the Tugu area
    on the opposite side of Jalan Parliament. This led to a circuitous
    track into some secondary jungle (more accurately, the neglected areas
    between compounds of government buildings) and then out into the open
    where a check was supposed to stop everyone.

    Uncle Yap, the wily fox who started the run by climbing directly into
    the Tugu Negara area had spotted the continuation of the trail and
    immediatelty shouted "On! On!" to five hashers walking nonchalantly up
    the slope. These ladies and gentlemen hashers were later punished for
    sauntering and not following paper.

    The trail resumed on to the Sultan of Selangor's Wilayah palace and
    then down to yet another piece of remnant "jungle". Civilisation was
    soon found as the runners emerged in front of the Forestry Department
    and then a long road run back to the Club.

    FROP was ex-GM Arthur at 65 minutes, followed closely by CCGoh and
    Wendy. The stragglers came in one by one and all had a good work-out
    in spite of the murky weather.

    On-on-on was at the Gazebo and Tarzan was punished for misleading
    people into wearing "smart casual" normally reserved for when dinner
    is in Bunga Raya. In the event, the nasi lemak buffet proved adequate
    but not sumptuous. However, the range of beverages made up for it.
    Down, down, down, down !! Down, down, down, down !!