Saturday, 16 January 2016

RLC Harriers 2016 Section Sub-Committee and Mismanagement team 2016

Dear Fellow Hashers,

  The new team of Hash Section sub-committee and mismanagement for RLC Harriers 2016 as follow:

RLC Hash Section Sub-Committee 2016

Chairman - Col. Johan Van Geyzel
Deputy Chairman - Mr. Jon Azman
Convenor - Mr. Shyam Doshi


  • Mr. Woon Then Yew
  • Ms. Katherine Chang
  • Mr. Bala Pillai
  • Mr Adrian Cheng

RLC Hash Mismanagement 2016

Shyam "Tarzan" Doshi

Jointmaster I 
Woon Then Yew

Jointmaster II
Bala Pillai

On Sec
Adrian "Bugs Bunny" Cheng
Assistant On-Sec
Alka "Jane" Doshi

On Cash
Katherine Chang
Assistant On-Cash
Alice Yap

Hash Adviser
Col Johan Van Geyzel

Lillian Wee
Jenny Woon

Hash Scribe / MNC
Uncle Yap

Bomoh / Religious Adviser (RA)
Mike "Quicksilver" Kuan

Alternate Hash Bomoh
Arthur "King Arthur" Hoi

Peter Leong

Hash Bard
Uncle Yap
Johan Van Geyzel
Burns Rajuddin
Peter Leong

Hash Flash
Bob Yong
Datin Boon Kee
David Wee
Pualine Wong

Hash Entertainment
Vivien Hoi

Hash Trail Comic
C K Leong

Hash Butler
Katherine Chang

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