Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Run 835 Oct 14 is in Setia Eco Park

  • Run 835 is by Derek and KitKat
  • October 14, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam

RLC Harriers Run 835, 14 October 2014 
Hares : Derek Wong & Kit Kath
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Rain during the run but a dry circle

This month's flavour is Setia Eco Park. Playboy Choo and Ann had their
run there, Derek & Kit Kath today and this Saturday, Walking Tall with
his friendship 'terima kasek' run

It was ever threatening as we drove from KL to the run site. We
thought we were leaving dark and cloudy KL for a sunny Shah Alam.
Alas, the moment we arrived in good time, it started to drizzle ... 

At exactly 6, GM Col Johan pressed his roti-man horn and passed the
horn to JM Tommy Chin. We ran up to the bottom of a small hill and
meandered all over the place, going up and down, doing an F1 trail,
criss-crossing all over the place, negotiating hairpin bends until
finally we came to the mother of all hills ... a straight-up hill of
some 700 to 800 metre with gradient ranging from 20 to 65 degrees. It
was a long long long climb up.

After that it was downhill ... fantastic except that by this time, it
was getting dark. Luckily, Playboy Choo and Ann came along with a
torchlight and I gratefully tagged along. We struggled in the dark
with Ann's torchlight flickering on and off (Playboy, please buy her a
new torchlight) Finally we arrived home

Then we found out that the FROP were Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum and Simon
Tee (guest motherhasher) at 72.5 minutes. I got in at 7.48pm and
promptly had my shower and awaited the arrival of the backbenchers
(icluding Guru, Yabayabadoo, Dr Yap, Uncle Teh and Margaret and
surprise of surprises, Tarzan) who came back at 8.40 
when the circle was just starting. Peter Leong's guest, Carol was treated to a
chest-expanding exercise to the accompanying song "We must, we must
increase our bust, the bigger the better, the men depend on us" The
charges went to and fro and did not end until about 9.50. 

On-on-on was at the same tian-tian-how-tian (every day good day)
restaurant with some fantastic food washed down with a 12-year-old
single malt (GlenFiddich)

Among the announcements were the following:

1. Walking Tall's Friendship run
Setia Eco Park 5.30pm on Saturday 18th October. People who have signed
up and do not attend will be severely punished. WT is giving a t-shirt
and having the dinner on site and spending quite a lot. People who can
are encouraged to contribute on the day by way of food and drinks.

2. Year-end Anniversary Run
Scheduled for 16 December at the Club, this is themed as "James Bond
007 Night" People should wear dark trousers and the given shirt or
dress their tuxedo best in true James Bond style for the Western food
at Banquet Hall
Hash members - RM60 each
RLC members  - RM80 each
Other guests   - RM99 each

3. Run 836 on 21 October will be a OPP (one park policy) at Burn's
house off Old Klang Road.

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