Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Run 822 Jul 15 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 822
Hares : Calvin Chong & Professor Tie
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Gorgeous dry weather 

It was a public holiday and the Long Run started at 5pm to take
advantage of the longer daylight hours available by an earlier start.
The trail started off up the tarmac road leading upwards towards the
hill. Everywhere, we could see broken bits of Mother Hash paper ...
they had run there the previous evening.

Soon, we deviated right into the verdant cover of the Kiara Hills. The
range is so diverse that we went up and down the same hill without
seeing the same spot twice. Then we were led down to a most quaint
stream of gentle mountain water and somehow, the brook carried away
our fatigue and we were raring for more as we climbed the hill once
again towards home ... or so we thought ...

But, no, there was Tan See Meng with his horn at the junction
propelling would-be SCB's upwards towards another round of
hill-climbing. And so we went obediently like lambs to the slaughter.
In between, there would have been much thrills and spills but for the
dry weather that made the hill-side trail firmer and totally

As we staggled in, totally drained and exhausted after the 8km run, we
heard the FROP was once again Mike Kuan at 77 minutes. Then we sat and
waited for the stragglers like Dato Steven Oon with his entourage of
two non-virgins, StiffFanny and WoWoo WoWoo YeaYe YeaYe (char neen ho
kor mor tai peh). They were slightly ahead of Tommy Chin at 7.20.

The lack of checks (only three) allowed the front runners to lead by
more than an hour. Whilst the run was excellent, the checks were not
since they did not act to compress the stretch and bunch the group.
Tarzan had demonstrated that with a judicious number of checks, the
back-benchers can come back within half an hour of FROP. Perhaps, he
should conduct a tutorial on how to set checks.

As we waited for the back-markers, there emerged some voyeurs who took
delight in watching Uncle Yap bathe. Ooh's and aah's accompanied every
move he made across his body to wash away the dirt and sweat of the
day and when he washed his mid-body region, pandemonium broke out ...
the sexcitment was too intense. Next time, I will collect money for
tickets to watch 

The Circle, like all RLC Harriers circle, was another hilarious affair
with one and sundry taking to the floor to charge one nonsensical
accusation after another ... people who miss the circle do not know
what fun they are missing. And the golden elixir went like hot cakes
(pardon the mixed metaphor) as the dry and parched weather was
conducive for the consumption of beer, supplemented by an extra case
due to the number of guests.

We then adjourned to Sun Yow Tak Theng, a restaurant cum coffeee shop
for some delicious food, washed down with some bottles of wine, beer
and two bottles of Scotch, courtesy of the two hares.  

C'est la vie or that's life in French.

Scribe report by Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

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