Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Run 818 Jun 17 is in Sri Bintang Kepong

  • Run 818 is by Alka and Shyam Doshi
  • June 17, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Taman Sri Bintang (usual water tank) Kepong
  • Run site GPS coordinates: 3.185291, 101.642913
  • On On: Grand Nature Restaurant GPS 3.195125, 101.633488
    16 Ground floor Wisma Manjalara, Jln 7A/62A Bandar Manjalara,
    Kepong 52200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-6272 3788

On on (dinner site):

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  1. Scribe report by Uncle Yap:

    RLC Harriers Run 818
    Hares : Shyam & Alka Doshi
    Runsite : Sri Bintang, Kepong
    Weather : Dry weather that became rather oppressive

    Much has changed since we first started using the Sri Bintang area as
    a run site. The monkeys at the reservoir are no longer there,
    eliminated as their habitat became progressively smaller.

    As the RLC Harriers gathered in the sweltering heat, still continuing
    to admire KFChai's all-terrain car, Boon Hiong came along with a
    dashing new haircut, attracting envious glances, especially from Uncle

    GM Colonel Johan blasted off the roti horn to start the run and off we
    went to the foot of the hill. To the left on the natural trail, we
    started the long climb to the top where the pylon stands. While the
    rest were going downward into what remains of a jungle, Jennifer Kuan
    could be seen at the bottom, alone. Such a nubile lady running alone
    in a strange place; Uncle Yap to the rescue to escort her, abandoning
    his assigned horny role to Woon. We went to the right and there
    chanced upon the home trail ... what luck. Who said we didn't run on

    The rest went through another long loop that involved a few more
    checks, judiciously placed so that the lead changed hands several
    times. Surprise, surprise, after the predictable FROP Mike Kuan & Lee
    Buchan came in at 45 minutes, Tim Moey, a septuagenarian came in third
    followed by Professor Tie and then Peter Leong. Well done, Tim!!!

    Within 25 minutes of the FROP, the last runner came in. This is about
    one of the best-laid trails that can achieve this remarkable bunching
    of the group. Well done, Tarzan & Alka, the many checks ensured that
    the group stayed together.

    Best charge of the night was a story about Mike Kuan when asked to
    bring his wife to the RLC Hash many years ago, saying "My wife eh?
    She's not interested lah" ... and today, she is BOSS and the prop of
    RLC Harriers.

    Dinner was at a vegetarian restaurant where we tucked heartily into
    Hokkien mee (sorry, no chee yow char), wat tan hor (no egg) and even a
    yam basket with savoury pseudo-pork that tasted more porcine than the
    real thing ... and of course, the hares had brought along two bottles
    of Dimple (15 years vintage) and some Royal Stout.

    We were also told that the RLC Harriers have managed to wrangle an
    invitation to the Carlsberg Brewery on Tuesday 12 August 2014 and we
    will have a run nearby but not at ... apparently they do not want
    people to shower in the open at their premises.

    Another wonderful evening ... c'est la vie, that's the sweet life.