Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Run 888 Oct 20 is at the Hash Heritage House TTDI

125th Anniversary Celebrations
                          The Fatt Fatt Fatt Hash Run
                       20 October 2015   /    Uncle Yap

As part of the Club's 125th Anniversary Celebration, it was entirely a
happy co-incidence that Run #888 was scheduled for a bright albeit a
tad hazy Tuesday. What a propitious number and what sweet serendipity!

As the two hundred plus runners gathered at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail
site of the Hash Heritage House, there was an air of expectancy. Music
played in the background while members and guests collected their
freebies and partook of the finger food.

At exactly 6.00pm, President Jon Azman pressed the button to flag off
the impatient hashers (talk about mixed metaphor). Into the verdant
secondary jungle, they filed and soon reached a suspension bridge
leading to a walkway under the canopy of leafy tropical trees.
Suddenly, everything was clear and for the duration of the run, the
haze was forgotten.

Then came the change in the path pointing upwards and painstakingly,
the hashers climbed the steep incline which reached 60 degrees at
certain sections. It was a relentless climb with no quarters given.
The couple of hundred metres on that killer path must have seemed like
a kilometre. Hashers were seen hugging the trees or taking a breather.
As the tired runners reached a jungle path, a welcome sight greeted
them - "Short Run, Turn Right" Phew! Many gratefully accepted the
reprieve and started the downward walk home. FROP was Wong Fook Loy at
45 minutes followed by Emily Chew from Klang.

In the meantime, the normal run went up to yet another hill before a
circuitous path home. But hashers are made of sterner stuff and in the
gathering gloom of twilight, they persevered and came home led by
Quiksliver Fox at 1 hour 13.8 minutes. Yet Yet Sang Fatt, how
fortuitously auspicious for the occasion.

Ah B Kor's portable generators went into action and the whole run-site
was lit up like a fairyland. The exhausted hashers slaked their thirst
and massaged their tired limbs. The isotonic drinks flowed followed by
beer and more beer as we sat down for the Circle where sinners were
punished for various infractions. Hash must be the only oxymoronic
place where the so-called punishment is a reward of a glass of cold

Uncle Yap presented the annual Sour Grapes Awards to recognise the
best (or is it worst?) cases of sour grapes. In Shyam's house with a
swimming pool - "Aiyah, my water bill is less than RM10; he pays
hundreds". Eying Dato Allen Tan's Ferrari - "He only gets ten miles to
the gallon; my Proton get 25". The winner was when Dato Steven Oon
presented his wife with a C200 (a Mercedes-Benz car) - "I gave my wife
C4" (Altantuya remembered)

We made our way back to the Club where a feast befitting the occasion
awaited at the Banquet Hall. The various sponsors and people who had
contributed to the success of the 888 Run were suitably recognised and
honoured. The beer and whiskies flowed; more than ten litres of
Macallan and other single malts were consumed in addition to the three
barrels of Carlsberg. 

It was indeed a grand celebration. On! On!

For the record
OC for the event - Steven Khoo
Hares for short run : UY, David Wee, Boss, Serena
Hares for normal run : Shyam, Alka, CCGoh, Edward

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