Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Run 887 Oct 13 is in Taman Sri Bintang Kepong

RLC Harriers Run #887 13 October 2015
Run Site : Seri Bintang, Kepong
Hares : The 2 sissies ... CC Goh and CC Adrian 
Weather : Raining cats and dogs elsewhere; but at the run-site,
totally dry (proving, once again, that the Weather God is a Hasher)

As we parked our cars (totally wet, of course), we noticed that two
other chapters were also having their runs here today. At the
appointed time, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed bhis roti-horn and off we
went down the the hill and then to a series of upward climbs.
Unrelenting up and up.

A check was found but soon broken and off we went upwards to the top
of the hill where pylons carrying thousands of volts appeared
dangerously by. The other chapters were there at the same time as

While we searched for the correct trail, some SCB (short cut bastards)
came and tempted me to go down by a direct route home. Being very
morally weak, I, of course, succumbed and was soon back home with time
to spare. I was then joined by Jennifer Kuan and we wandered off to
Jalan 6 where we came across the water tank that used to be the
landmark for our runs many many years ago. That reservoir used to be
infested by monkeys but today, not a single one  .... developement had
cut off their path from forest to tank.

The other macho runners went up another hill and meandered back via
City Park. FROP was (surprise, surprise) Steven Yong at 46 minutes.
Then our erstwhile champion, Quiksilver Fox came limping in a couple
of minutes later, together with the other fast runners like Dato
Steven Oon, Chai, Rule #1 (aka Wendy Lum) & Shit-Stirrer Arthur Hoi.

As the runners trickled in, we asked "Where is Uncle Teh?" Someone
said, "Alamak, He and Auntie Margaret  are the consultant hares, the
masterminds of today's run" Don't play play eh !

Last one in was CheeMooi (aka KC Wong) and then the Circle started
when the street light went on. Our ButaButa GM introduced the hares
and also the guests and soon the announcements were read out. 

Of great importance was the celebration Run #888 which will be held at
the Hash Heritage Site next to Rumah Bakti in TTDI. CKLeong, the
greatest lover of siew chee, also the CO of #888 did not promise that
he will sponsor a siew chee but he entreated everyone to tell guests
to bathe on site and go for the celebration dinner at the RLC Banquet
Hall. Sorry, no loaves of bread will be distributed as door gifts.

Bomoh Mike was at his best tonight, castigating one and all and
enthralling us with his wit and charm. Of special interest were the
happenings at the latest Ball-Breaker Run where two of our members
completed the tought run; CCGoh and Might Mouse aka Lilian Wee
(personally coached & inspired by UY)

Soon the barrel ran out and it was time to met at SaiKong (now renamed
in the best Hanyu Piying, Xi Gong (West Public). The food was, as to
be expected, delicious and fine and we all tucked in, helped down by a
couple of bottles of the finest Scotch whiskies.

... and we partied on, well into the night, wondering whatever
happened to our good friend, Dato Allen Tan and his fair maiden,
Shirley ... we miss you - come back soon, all is forgiven

Good night

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