Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run 866 May 19 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 866, 19 May 2015
Hares : Mr & Mrs Ng Lai Chong aka B Koh & B Soh
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining before the run but dry during & afterwards

As we gathered at the site before the run, we could not help noticing
that whoever was the Bomoh, he did a good job to stop the rain. At
6.00pm, Misai (in the absence of Woon Koh, happily engaging with China
Mooi in China - Jenny still thinks he is there for business :-)
sounded the horn and off we went

\We went up the slope and then veered off to the left into a small
patch of jungle. The trail then meandered left, right and centre but
it came perilously close to the Playground. At that point, I wanted to
see the recent developemnt, so I broke off for an inspection and then
ran back to the original runsite. 30 minutes, too short, so I took
another route and had some hill-climbs before returning to open the
beer barrel at 6.55pm

In the meantime, the heroes went all the way up, around and through
all the various paths that the bukit could offer. The horrendous rain
that preceded the run had washed away much of the paper laid. It was
the smart runner in the form of Quiksilver Fox who side-stepped the
red herrings and got home at 62 minutes, followed some ten minutes
later by Wendy, Peter, Arthur and Justine (son#2 of Jim Poh)

Ah B Koh presented everbody with a blue T-shirt and the Circle
celebrated the small bladders of Mike Kuan, Yabayabadoo and Dato
Steven Oon. Uncle Yap then pointed out the most erotic and exotic
lady, Lilian Wee whose clothing accentuated her nipples which got
every red-blooded males looking surreptitiously at her chest.

We then adjourned to Unique Seafood, an upmarket eartery where we were
presented with offerings of good food after good food. 12 year-old
GlenFiddich awaited the thirsty souls. We had a jolly good time and
hated to tear ourselves away.

Next Week's Run : Uncle Yap & Alice @ Gasing Car Park 
... POP, park once policy 
... food from Hassan's children will be served - nasi lemak primarily.
Those who like to savour their whisky from glass containers, please
bring your own glass cups ... ice and whisky will be provided.

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