Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Run 723 Aug 21 is in Bkt Hatamas Cheras

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  1. Dear Fellow Hashers

    Last night, like many other times, I veered off the papered track
    during an organised run. Previously, I had always been able to get out
    somehow and find my way back. This has led to a smug feeling of "it's
    my life and I do what I want" as my action did not affect others.

    However, there was a big difference last night. In the strange jungle
    environment, I must have criss-crossed and travelled the same distance
    a few repetitive times which led to exhaustion and the onset of severe
    cramp which made movement terribly painful. As darkness came and I
    stumbled a few times, I realised that before I hurt myself, I had
    better find shelter and be prepared to stay the night.

    During the 2/3 hours of dark solitude, a few things struck me and I
    started feeling extremely guilty when I came to the inevitable
    conclusion which had eluded me all this while ... my action of
    straying off the papered track is selfish, dangerous and

    To all of you who were caused unnecessary anxiety and distress, I do
    apologise profusely. To the steadfast hashers who mounted a rescue, I
    do express my gratitude. To those who prayed for my safety and
    well-being, I cannot thank you enough.

    With this, I hereby pledge and promise that henceforth on all
    organised hash run (except in-runs around RLC) I will not stray off
    the marked track. So help me, God.

    Uncle Yap

    1. Dear Fellow Hashers,

      Run #723 yesterday was another incident filled run to be remembered ! WE must all be thankful that it ended all well. On behalf of RLC Harriers, I must hereby register our sincere gratitude to all those have joined in the search party to bail out Uncle Yap namely :-

      Group #1 - Hare Peter Pan, Jr Pan, Mike Kuan.
      Group #2 - Playboy Choo, CK Leong, Steven Khoo & KL Chan.
      Group #3 - Arthur Hoi, Chew Leng Soon & Adrian Teh

      Not forgetting all those who have stayed back to render assistance one way or another -

      A BIG Hand to all of you !

      GM Arthur

      p/s: Tarzan, Please forward this email to all including those who may not be on your RLC-Harriers googlegroup.