Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It's the Merdeka Jungle Crawl Aug 28!

  • It's not your usual Tuesday run so don't be prepared for a run - it is more of a moving party.
  • If the weather does not look too good, be prepared with your raincoats or umbrellas.
  • Please dress up your best "Jungle Look" - you can wear the freebies provided or improvise your attire.
  • Please be mindful there will be many guests. We need to make them feel welcome yet their behaviour needs monitoring.
  • When you're back from the crawl, please do not head straight for the showers. Please wait for the circle to be over.
  • Pre-dinner snacks will be served from 8.15 pm and dinner will be a little after 9pm. There will be supper as well around 11pm.
  • Your Jungle Crawl team has put in a lot of effort in order for this event to be well received by members and guests.

On On to the Merdeka Jungle Crawl!

Shyam Doshi
012 222 2209

1 comment:

  1. Dear Shyam and the Organising Committee,

    I would like to congratulate everyone one of you for a splendid show yesterday.

    It was the definitely the best pub crawl ever organized and one of the best hash functions ever organised. There was so much originality in many areas that it opened the eyes of quite a few.

    It made me very proud to be a member of the RLC Hash. My guests and every guest I spoke to was extremely impressed by the organization, the freebies, the arrangements for them to utilize the showers upstairs, free flow of good food, the free flow of good wine, great music and also the very warm hospitality of the Hash Section members.

    Keep up the great work. Thank you again.

    On On. Tommy Pereira