Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Run 810 Apr 22 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

  • Run 810 is by Arthur and Vivien Hoi
  • April 22, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Lagong, Selayang
  • On On - on site


  1. Scribe Report by Uncle Yap

    Run report 811 22 April 2014
    Bukit Lagong
    Hares : Arthur & Vivien Hoi
    Weather : Fair to middling

    The weather has been threatening all the past few evenings and sure
    enough, a shower came down in the early afternoon, perhaps to cool the
    place around Bukit Lagong. When GM Colonel Johan blew his vuvuzela at
    six, forty Hashers ran off after Uncle Yap, given the rotiman's horn.

    The trail, set primarily by hare Arthur Hoi, abetted by his Mother
    Hash cohort, Playboy Choo led upwards along a man-made track that
    shows signs of neglect and underuse, being badly eroded in parts. Up
    and up it went until brought to an abrupt halt by the first check.
    That was rather quickly broken and the front runners dashed on. Up and
    up again it stretched through the verdant canopy of lush tropical

    The top was soon reached and if anyone had thought it was going to be
    downhill all the way, he has not come across the sadistic streak of
    Playboy Choo. Halfway down when people were starting to smack their
    lips in eager anticipation of the cold beer awaiting, the trail took
    another turn upwards ...

    ... and if that was not enough, the path meandered like a slow stream
    starting to create an ox-bow lake. The rain earlier had made the
    downward path treacherously slippery and many a bum hit the slimy mud.
    At long last, with receding light and diminishing visibility, the
    first runner came out when the minutes were about to hit three digits.

    After that, it was an anxious wait for the stragglers to come in. It
    was literally an nail-biting finale for Serena Tan whose better half,
    Thomas had to be rescued by a search party which included Ah Hai, the
    chef and caterer for food-on-site.

    As usual, the circle encompassed the good, the bad and the totally
    ridiculous and a good time was had by all ...

    ... and as usual, people moaned and graoned about the length of the
    trail and the hardship suffered; but when all is said and done, they
    always come back for more. See you next week for 811.

  2. GM's Note on King Arthur's Run 811 in Lagong Apr 22:

    " OH WHAT A NIGHT" The front runners loved the run. Coming in just before dark, drenched in sweat, they sang praises about the rather long and hilly run. However Bob Yong and Gavin (Gavin or is it Calvin) who came in after 8.30pm were not too pleased and reminded future hares that there are some of us are getting on in age! SO IN FUTURE HARES WHO SET LONG AND DIFFICULT RUNS PLEASE ALSO LAY A SHORTER TRAIL AS WELL OR AT LEAST WARN THE HASHERS BEFORE THE RUN STARTS.

    All in all, Arthur put on an extremely good event with plenty of good food, a crate of Fosters beer and 2 bottles of 12 year single malt whisky. The circle continued after dinner to welcome the lost sheep Thomas and Fred, a guest who were rescued by the Hare at 10.30pm. In the true spirit of hashing, most hashers partied on till midnight on site. Even Veloo stayed on enjoying the beer after abstaining for 4 long months. On on.