Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Run 748 Feb 12 is in Cheras Hatamas

  • Run 748 is by Seemeng Tan and Pauline
  • Feb 12, 2013 Tuesday 5pm
  • Cheras Hatamas
Hare's note:

This is Tan See Meng & will be having its run with co hare - Pauline Wong
on 12 February 2013.
Run site is Cheras Hartamas aka APEKSAN.
Please note that the run is on 3rd day of Chinese New Year celebration &
for runsite & on on dinner catering works,please inform RLC hashers early
on need for comfirmation of attendance so that adequate catering/makan will
be made available for meat eater hashers and vegetarian hashers.
Request also run to start at 5.00pm with On On at restaurant to start on/before
8.15pm (need to possibly inform restaurant to avoid Chinese New Year crowd)
Please let us know after next week run via attendance comfirmation/signup
( I will check at RLC reception/Mr Baskar)  

Thank You For the Assistance & Best Regards, Tan See Meng 016-615-2767 (Mobile)

Direction – Bukit Hatamas, Cheras Hartamas

If traveling from KL, take Jalan Loke Yew – Jalan Cheras towards
Cheras/Kajang. If from PJ, take Federal Highway and go straight
towards the direction of Kajang. (In both routes, Sami Vellu no
longer collects toll)

Just before Phoenix Plaza, Cheras (at opposite right side of road)
keep to the right lane. Set Trip Meter to zero here. Watch out for
sign for Taman Segar/Cheras Hartamas. At 0.3 km from Phoenix
Plaza turn sharp left into the direction of Cheras Hartamas. At 0.9
km take a right-turn.

Follow all the way along this main road. Pass the entrance of
Taman Bukit Segar 1, by following the right-turning main road.
Continue to wind down into a valley till at 4.0 km you reach Taman
Bukit Segar 2. Again pass its entrance by following the right-turning
main road.

At 4.3 km, turn left at junction here (You can see an Orange-Beige
‘Continental’ car service/tyre shop at your left front). On turning left, go
straight down (pass under the Bukit Hatamas arch) and at T-junction
turn right, pass security boom, to run site at 4.7 km

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