Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Run 715 is the Dumpling Run in RLC

  • Run 715 is the Dumpling Run
  • June 26, 2012 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run (RLC)
A word from the OC and hare, JM Jim Poh:

The significance of the Dumpling Run is no significance. Duan Wu Festival falls on the summer solstice This year it falls on June 23, we run on June 26. It falls  in remembrance of Qu Yuan a statesman who was exiled and  turned poet during the Warring States in 278 BCE.

He was a statesman with the Chu kingdom which formed and alliance with another warring party which he opposed and was exiled. ( Zhou dynasty) Out of despair he  committed suicide in a river and his supporters threw in rice triangles to feed him in his after life. They paddled boats out to the river to scare the fish away in hope of retrieving his body.One of the reasons for the Dragon boat Festival - also celebrated at this time.

And so is the story of the Dumpling Festival.

After a few beers,  imagine this building which was probably built at the same time of the original Hash House to be the one. Just put a few arches on the windows, stretch it a bit and you will get something like the twelve room lodging house for mak salehs!!!
Regards, Ar. Jim Poh

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