Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Run 711 May 29 is in Emerald View Rawang

  • Run 711
  • May 29, 2012 Tuesday 6pm
  • Emerald East Rawang
  • Hares FL Wong and KF Chai
Directions :

Make your way to Rawang Toll
At traffic lights after toll zero tripmeter
Turn right towards Rawang
At 1.3Km (next set of lights) slip left sign EMERALD EAST and continue to roundabout.
Take 3'oclock and follow road to TNB sub station at 2.4Km altogether from 1st traffic lights.
Before you see a broken-down Pondok on the right, turn down Right to a small road.
Park behind Hare BMW down the Road
Circle will be on top of the pavement with a big tree at the entrance road.

Bring big lights, touchlights!

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